BVC Archives

The following archives were compiled and shared by Ted Radick from The Courier.  

Thank you Ted for all of your hard work in compiling our league’s history.  More archives will be added as they are compiled.

BVC All-Time Champions by Sport  (Excel Document)

Football Archives

BVC Coaching Records

BVC Football Scores by Year  (Excel Document)

BVC Individual School Information

BVC All-League Teams

Girls Basketball Archives

BVC All-League Teams

BVC Girls Basketball Scores by Year

All-Ohio Girls Basketball 1977-2018

Boys Basketball Archives

BVC Boys Basketball School by School Results 1965-2004

BVC Boys Basketball Standings 1965-2003

BVC Boys Basketball Scores & Standings 1996-2018

BVC Boys Basketball Scores 1965-1995

Volleyball Archives

BVC All-League Teams

BVC Volleyball Scores by Year

All-Ohio Volleyball BVC Players 1983-2017

Track & Field Archives

BVC Track All-Time (Excel Document with Yearly Event Winners & School Places)

Cross Country Archives

BVC XC All-League Teams

Wrestling Archives

BVC Wrestling All-League & Results by Year

Golf Archives

BVC Golf All-League & Results by Year